Whirlpool Intellifresh Pro 235L 2 Star Convertible Frost Free Double-Door Refrigerator (IFPRO INV CNV 278 ILLUSIA STEEL(2S)-TL

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Up To 2x Longer Vitamin Preservation Up To 15 Days Of Freshness In Fridge And Freezer 10-In-1 Convertible Modes Convert Freezer To Fridge In 27 Mins
Maintain Optimum Moisture Balance: The Honeycomb Crisper Cover condenses the evaporated moisture from the food to ensure balanced air and optimum freshness in the vegetable compartment
Up To 17 Hours Of Cooling Retention With Cool Pad: The unique Cool Pad in the freezer helps retain the cooling in the freezer for up to 17 hours during power cuts which prevents ice from melting and other contents from getting spoiled
99.9% Bacterial Growth Prevention: Prevention of up to 99% bacterial growth with Microblock Technology
Coldest Freezer As -24C: The superior cooling technology can cool down the freezer to as low as -24C with the Fast Freeze setting

Product Description
Innovative 6th Sense NutriLock Technology

The Whirlpool 259 L Frost Free Double Door Convertible Refrigerator's innovative 6th Sense NutriLock Technology provides long-lasting vitamin preservation, keeping your food fresh in vitamins and nutrients for a prolonged time period.

Upto 15 Days of Freshness

You can continue to enjoy the same degree of freshness in your fruits after coming back from your holiday since the fruits and vegetables from your garden can keep fresh in this refrigerator for up to 15 days.

Freezer to Refrigerator in a Jiffy

In the least possible period of 27 minutes, you can transform your freezer into a refrigerator based on your needs.

10-in-1 Convertible Modes

With 10-in-1 convertible modes, your refrigerator can be smoothly transformed at the press of a button, enabling you to make use of its captivating features and enjoy your favourite beverage.

Intellisense Inverter Technology

The Intellisense Inverter Technology in this refrigerator minimises energy usage, regulates cooling to internal load, and allows for reliable operation even when there are substantial voltage fluctuations between 160 and 260 V.

Zeolite Supremacy

Fresh fruits and vegetables can be enjoyed anytime you choose since the Zeolite in the Freshonizer absorbs additional ethylene produced by them, keeping them from overripening.

Toughened Glass Shelves

You can place heavy pots and utensils inside without worrying about them breaking since the toughened glass end-to-end shelves can support up to 240 kg of weight.

Microblock Technology

You can stay safe and secure since this refrigerator employs Microblock Technology to stop up to 99% of bacterial growth.

Portable Ice Twister Tray

You can appreciate more room in the refrigerator with the portable ice twister tray, enhancing its comfortable use.

Freshflow Air Tower

The Freshflow Air Tower has been carefully designed with precisely placed vents that distribute cold, fresh air into various compartments of the refrigerator in order to consistently and quickly chill bottles and offer long-lasting freshness.

Mini Ref Mode

This refrigerator's Mini Ref Mode allows you to conserve a significant amount of energy, which lowers your electricity costs.

Dairy Freshness

Milk and other dairy products are kept cool to guarantee their freshness for up to 7 days. Stop fretting about milk spoiling, and stock up to your heart's content.

Product Dimensions 65.5D x 56.4W x 158.7H Centimeters
Brand Whirlpool
Capacity 235 litres
Configuration Double
Energy Star 2 Star

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