SAMSUNG DU8300 138 cm (55 inch) 4K Ultra HD LED Tizen TV with Dynamic Crystal Color

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Immersive 4K Visuals

Dive into a world of stunning visuals with the SAMSUNG DU8300 TV's LED 4K Ultra HD 55-inch display. Boasting a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels and a 120 Hz refresh rate, enjoy crisp details and seamless motion for an immersive viewing experience. The powerful 4K upscaling technology ensures even non-4K content shines in glorious 4K resolution, delivering your favorite movies and shows with unparalleled clarity.

Smooth Motion Technology

Experience improved picture clarity with smooth motion, courtesy of Motion Xcelerator technology. This innovative feature predicts and estimates movement between frames, resulting in smoother screen transitions without motion blur or judder, providing a clear picture.

Smart TV Capabilities

Unlock a world of entertainment with the latest apps and services on SAMSUNG Tizen OS. Access free live TV channels and a vast library of movies with SAMSUNG TV Plus. Seamlessly manage daily activities with Daily+ integration and control smart devices with SmartThings compatibility, all from your TV.

Optimized Gaming Experience

Enjoy faster, smoother gaming sessions with Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM), which automatically configures optimal latency settings for your games. This ensures minimal input lag and quick response times, keeping you ahead in the gaming arena.

Immersive Audio

Immerse yourself in rich, powerful sound with the 20Watt 2 Channel Built-In Speakers, Adaptive Sound, and Q-Symphony technology. These features deliver audio that complements the stunning visuals, providing a cinematic experience.

Vivid Color Reproduction

Experience lifelike colors with the 4K Crystal Processor and Dynamic Crystal Color technology, showcasing every hue with precision. These features reveal intricate color details for a truly immersive viewing experience.

Enhanced Contrast and HDR

Dynamic Contrast Enhancer and HDR technology combine to deliver enhanced contrast, resulting in deeper blacks and brighter whites, even in challenging lighting conditions. This ensures a wide spectrum of colors and visual detail, providing an immersive viewing experience.

Voice Assistant Control

Take command of your SAMSUNG DU8300 TV effortlessly with multiple Voice Assistants such as Bixby, and Alexa. Control content, adjust settings, and more using simple voice commands, enhancing your viewing experience without lifting a finger.

Sleek and Stylish Design

Featuring the AirSlim design, the SAMSUNG DU8300 TV boasts an incredibly slim profile that seamlessly blends with any décor. Whether mounted on the wall or placed on a stand, this TV adds elegance to any room.

SmartThings Integration

Transform your living space into a smart home hub with SmartThings integration. Equipped with a built-in SmartThings hub, enjoy a tailored smart home experience with various compatible devices that streamline your daily routines.

DU8000 with a fluid green design displayed.

Top 4 Features

Dynamic Crystal Color

Immerse yourself in one billion shades of color

Take your UHD experience to another level with our advanced phosphor technology. Dynamic Crystal Color delivers lifelike variations of colors, so you see subtle details of each shade.

Crystal UHD TV highlights the details of a Korean palace's roof in the background with colorful details and enhanced clarity.

4K Upscaling

Watch your favorite content in 4K

Powerful 4K upscaling ensures you get up to 4K resolution for the content you love.

Only a Samsung account can enable your smart features. Login now!

What's the point of a smart TV if you can't enjoy its smart features? Log in to your Samsung account, and keep enjoying the smart services" of your Samsung Smart TV.

*Applicable on C-Series UHD and subsequent line-ups, w.e.f. 28th Nov. 2023. *You will need a Samsung Account to access our network-based smart services, Smart TV features and other network based smart services. If you choose not to log-in, you will get access to over-the-air (OTA) television content (via tuner or antennas) and external devices via HDMI. *Image simulated for representational purpose only. Third party logos/marks are trademarks/registered trademarks of respective third party. *Subject to Wi-Fi/ internet/network connectivity.

Only a Samsung account can enable your smart features. Login now!

Samsung Tizen OS

Upscale your entertainment with Samsung Tizen OS

Get more out of your TV with the latest apps & services on Samsung Tizen OS. Enjoy free live TV channels and thousands of movies with Samsung TV Plus. You can even manage your daily activities with Daily+ and control your smart devices from your TV with SmartThings.Samsung Tizen OS

A wall-mounted TV shows popular apps and curated content on the home menu. "Samsung Tizen OS"
* Content and service may vary by region and are subject to change without notice. * Agreement to Smart Hub Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy is required before use.* Some contents and services require registration and subscription. *Requires Samsung account to access the full range of Samsung Tizen OS features including the smart TV features and apps. If you choose not to login-in, you will only be able to connect to terrestrial TV(applicable to devices with tuners only) and external devices, e.g. via HDMI. You may need a separate device (e.g. PC or mobile) to create a Samsung account.

Samsung TV Plus

The best of TV. All for free.

No need to pay for another subscription when you get live TV channels and on demand movies and shows for free. Watch 120+ free TV channels that cover diverse genres like news, entertainment, sports and more - without other apps or a cable/set-top box.

* Channels may vary by country and are subject to change without notifications. * Supported Samsung devices may vary by country. * Requires Samsung account. * UI is subject to change without prior notice. * Ads may appear on Samsung TV Plus. * Available for free on Samsung Smart TVs since 2016.

AirSlim Design

Sleek and slim

The mind-blowing slim design of your TV fits harmoniously with its surroundings.

AirSlim Design

Picture Quality

The Samsung Crystal UHD Processor 4K chip is on display in the middle amidst many colorful plates and ornaments.

Crystal Processor 4K

Feel every color as it was intended in powerful 4K

Crystal Processor 4K lets the true colors of shows and movies shine with powerful upscaling technology, so you get up to 4K resolution for the content you love.

* Viewing experience may vary according to types of content and format.* Upscaling may not apply to PC connection and Game Mode.

Gaming Experience

A dirt bike racer looks clear and visible inside the TV screen because of TV motion xcelerator technology.

Motion Xcelerator

Experience improved picture clarity with smooth motions

Experience a clear picture as Motion Xcelerator automatically estimates and predicts the movement between frames to improve the smoothness of your screen's motion.

*2.16 m supports Motion Xcelerator 120Hz. Viewing experience may vary according to types of content and format.


Using SmartThings, an icon of the built-in hub on Samsung TV connects to other icons of various connected home devices in a living room, such as the AC, lights, oven, robot vacuum and air purifier.

3D Map View

Your TV as the control center of your home and IoT devices

Better manage your home by intuitively monitoring and controlling your home appliances and IoT devices from a 3D map of your house.

* Image is simulated and for illustration purposes only. UI is subject to change without prior notice.

Samsung Daily+

The TV displays the Samsung Daily+ menu with lifestyle apps like SmartThings and Workspace.

Samsung Daily+

Manage your daily activities and lifestyle more easily through Samsung Tizen OS

Through Samsung Tizen OS’s open app ecosystem, Daily+ enables you to easily manage your daily activities and lifestyle from the comfort of your TV. Daily+ includes apps and services like SmartThings, Samsung Health, Workspace and more.

* Samsung is not responsible for any third-party services, and is not liable for any damages or losses caused by any third-party services.* Available service and the UI are subject to change without notice.


Only sound from the Soundbar was activated when Q-Symphony was off, but sound from both the TV and Soundbar turned on when Q-Symphony turned on.


TV and soundbar orchestrated in perfect harmony

Surround yourself with sound from your TV and Soundbar orchestrated in harmony. Q-Symphony technology allows TV and soundbar speakers to operate simultaneously for a better surround sound effect, without muting the TV speakers.

* Check for Q-Symphony compatibility on soundbar product specifications.* Soundbar sold separately.


A multi-layered security solution is creating a dome-like enclosure behind a TV that's secured by Knox. The screen features the Samsung Knox emblem. The text Your privacy. Secured. Only on Samsung TV is on display on top.

Samsung Knox Security

Your privacy. Secured.

Your privacy is now secured on Samsung TVs. Your sensitive data such as pin codes or passwords are protected by multiple layers of software and hardware. Also, Samsung Knox Security secures the home IoT devices connected to your TV and automatically blocks execution of unauthorized malicious apps or access to phishing sites. Lastly, Samsung’s dedicated security team helps keep your TV safe with regular updates.

* Secured by Knox’ applies to Samsung TVs powered by Tizen®, launched since 2015.* Security software update is guaranteed for at least three years from product launch.* Latest software update is required.

Display: 4K Ultra HD, 3840 x 2160 pixels, 50 Hz Refresh Rate
Connectivity: 3 x HDMI | 2 x USB | WiFi
Operating System: Tizen
Apps: Netflix, Prime Video, Youtube, Hotstar
Sound: 20 W Speaker
USP: Motion Xcelerator | Crystal Processor 4K | AirSlim Design

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