LG Tone Free HBS-FN5U True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds -Uvnano 99.9% Bacteria Free, Prestigious British Meridian Sound, Dual Microphones, IPX4 Water Resistance, Total 18 Hours Battery Life

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LG Tone Free HBS-FN5U with Sleek and Minimal Design & Compact Charging Case -The minimal and stylish design of the earbuds accompanies any look from casual to business.
India's 1st 99.9% Bacteria-Free Earbuds -Equipped with a UVnano charging cradle that kills 99.9% of bacteria while charging
Prestigious MERIDIAN audio technology - It equally distributes the sound & gives a crystal clear output. Special equalizer by MERIDIAN gives an outstanding output & makes your experience more immersive.
Noise Isolation to hear the outside world when you need to
IPX4 Rated for Sweat - The sweat-resistant earbuds allow you to cover the extra mile when you run or when you have an intense workout session. It keeps your bud well protected from sweat when you grind hard.
Total of 18 hours of battery life. Up to 6 hours of playback in the earbuds and an extra 12 hours in the cradle — all from one charge.​
Power Up in 5 Minutes - Just 5 minutes of charging will give you 1 hour of playtime.
1 year on product from manufacturer
Accessories Included: USB Type C Charging Cable-1N, Extra Ear Gel (2 U), User Manual, Warranty Card-1N

  • HBS-FN5U-Recommend-Quote-01-D
    “The LG TONE Free are the first pair of wireless headphones I’ve used. The music experience is banging and the noise isolation is next level, allowing me to get lost in my own little world. You can hear every single note clear and equally!”

    - Tom Grennan, BBC Music Introducing Artist of the Year 2018 -

  • HBS-FN5U-Recommend-Quote-02-D
    “When the earbuds are on the cradle and they are on charge, you will get a flash of UVC light that’s going to kill up to 99.9% of bacteria. You guys know how important that is especially in these days when everybody is more concerned about hygiene. That is very, very cool.”

    - SuperSaf, UK Tech Reviewer (Subscribers 1.5M) -

  • HBS-FN5U-Recommend-Quote-03-D
    “LG launched something really cool. Unbelievable. I notice immediately that they are black, and I think that is really, really cool.”

    - Uberquin, Netherlands Influencer (Subscribe 534K) -

Refresh Your Sound

Clear and spatial sound with Meridian, a fresh UV nano cradle, and a sleek, comfortable design turn the true wireless earbud experience up a notch.

LG Tone Free HBS-FN5U Refresh Your Sound
Buy, India's 1st 99.9% Bacteria Free Wireless Earbuds

Premium Sound

Clear and Spatial Sound

With sound designed by Meridian, LG TONE Free FN5U delivers clear and spatial audio. No matter where you are, become completely immersed in whatever you listen to and forget you are wearing earbuds.

LG Tone Free HBS-FN5U Clear and Spatial Sound
Buy, India's 1st 99.9% Bacteria Free Wireless Earbuds

Sound, Engineered Together

"“Whether you're at home, in the car, commuting or at the gym, the new LG TONE models are a clear step forward in audio innovation and performance, and will provide outstanding entertainment for consumers worldwide, meeting the demand for convenient high quality listening experiences, anywhere.”

- John Buchanan, CEO at Meridian Audio -

Prestigious British Audio, MERIDIAN 

Since 1977, Meridian have been crafting innovative, elegant, high performance audio solutions. As the British pioneer of high-resolution audio and a leading authority on Digital Signal Processing (DSP) they transform the way people experience sound, wherever they are.

LG Tone Free HBS-FN5U Meridian Technology

MERIDIAN’s Leading Technologies

Since their inception more than 40 years ago, Meridian's rigorous and research-led philosophy has maintained their position on the limits of what's possible in sound. As the Pioneers of High Resolution Audio and Masters of Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Meridian have played an integral role in the development and adoption of pioneering technologies.

Buy, India's 1st 99.9% Bacteria Free Wireless Earbuds

Buy, India's 1st 99.9% Bacteria Free Wireless Earbuds

How Clean Are Your Earbuds?

Conveniently keep your earbuds clean with UVnano technology in LG TONE Free FN5U cradle.

LG Tone Free HBS-FN5U LG Sound Clarity Quote

Fresh in a Flash

Kills 99.9% of Bacteria

Your earbuds are there for you every day—helping you relax, rock out, and refocus. But these buds can also host bacteria you won’t want to carry around. Introducing the newly designed LG TONE Free HBS-FN5U, equipped with a UVnano charging cradle that kills 99.9% of bacteria while charging*. So you can jam on with less worries.

LG Tone Free HBS-FN5U Uvnano
*UVnano is a compound word derived from the words UV and its unit, nanometer.​
*Independent testing shows that the UVnano charging cradle kills 99.9% of E. Coli & S. aureus bacteria on the speaker mesh of the earbuds in ten minutes while charging. The UV LED function works only when the charging cradle is connected to the power cable.
*UV LED light is invisible and is only activated when the charging cradle is closed with the earbuds inside. The blue mood light is for aesthetic purposes only and appears when the charging cradle lid is opened.​
Buy, India's 1st 99.9% Bacteria Free Wireless Earbuds

Medical-Grade Ear Gels

Hypoallergenic and Comfortable

LG TONE Free FN5U earbuds are encased in soft, medical-grade ear gels made with a non-toxic and hypoallergenic silicone. These comfortable ear gels allow you to have fewer worries about what you use all-day.

LG Tone Free HBS-FN5U Medical Ear gel
Buy, India's 1st 99.9% Bacteria Free Wireless Earbuds

Find Your Perfect Fit from Three Sizes

*This device or any of its parts is not intended or implied to prevent or treat any health conditions; it is not a medical device, nor for use as or to replace a medical device.
*The base material in silicone ear gel meets ISO 10993 and USP Class VI requirements.
Buy, India's 1st 99.9% Bacteria Free Wireless Earbuds

LG Tone Free HBS-FN5U Battery Life
*Standard playtime when listening to music.
*The earbud batteries and battery last for 6 and 12 hours respectively when listening to music.
*Enjoy 1 hour of music playtime after charging the cradle for 5 minutes with the earbuds inside.
Buy, India's 1st 99.9% Bacteria Free Wireless Earbuds

LG Tone Free HBS-FN5U Customized EQ sound
*Compatible Models (webOS 3.0 (OLED), webOS 3.5, webOS 4.0, webOS 4.5, webOS 5.0. LG TONE Free app compatible with Android (5.0 and up) and iOS (11.0 and up).
Sleek and Minimal Design

Refreshingly in Style

The minimal and stylish design of the earbuds accompanies any look from casual to business. An ergonomic fit also means you barely notice the earbuds in your ears. LG TONE Free FN5U is perfect for those who want to focus on what they're listening to and look sleek while doing so.

LG Tone Free HBS-FN5U Stylish Design
*The image is simulated.
Compact Cradle

Fits Right in Your Palm

Minimal yet with a unique shape, the LG TONE Free FN5U cradle is compact enough to fit in your palm, and stylish enough to fit any aesthetic.

LG Tone Free HBS-FN5U Compact case Design

With Mic:Yes
Bluetooth version: 5
Battery life: 18 hrs | Charging time: 2 hrs
India's 1st 99.9% Bacteria-Free Wireless Earbuds with UVnano technology | IPX4 Water resistance - Sweat & Rain resistance
Noise Isolation - A Close Fit that Blocks Out Noise | Charging time: Earbud: 1 hrs, Charging Case: 2 hrs
Meridian Technology for clear & immersive audio | 2 Microphones in each earbud
5-minute quick charge in charging case gives 60 minutes play time."

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