Kenstar 15 Litre Glam 15R Personal Cooler with Remote Control White (Suitable for Room Size Upto 120 sq. ft.)

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Why buy Kenstar GLAM 15 Litres Tower Air Cooler

Ice chamber is available makes the pads cooler, resulting in cool air passing through them
Honeycomb Cooling Pad allows higher cooling with lower air volume
Blowers are used to create high-pressure airflow at high volumes
Dust Filter Net prevents insects from entering the air cooler

Witness the chilled temperature inside your room when you buy Kenstar GLAM 15 Litres Tower Air Cooler. They're created with cutting-edge cooling technology to keep you cool as you rest. It provides a relaxing and calm atmosphere in which to escape the hot and humid summer days. Only dust-free air flows through the wet honeycomb pads because dust is separated from the air. The air becomes crisp and refreshing. A dust filter net is used to keep insects out of the cooler. Blowers speed up and increase the air throw of high-pressure airflow from the cooling system. Get a comfortable environment by bringing home the Kenstar GLAM 15 Litres Tower Air Cooler online. This air cooler has been designed to provide maximum comfort.

Considering the amazing specifications, the Kenstar GLAM 15 Litres Tower Air Cooler’s price is quite fair. Honeycomb cooling pads lower the temperature at a low energy cost. The appearance of honeycomb cooling pads is another advantage. As water runs over the honeycomb pad, it absorbs heat from the air, causing the water to evaporate. The air becomes cooler and more humidified as a result. A powerful fan then blows the chilly air into the room. As a result, the chamber maintains a constant flow of fresh, moistened cool air, while old and stale air is blasted out through an open window or door. So, what are you waiting for? Book the Kenstar GLAM 15 Litres Tower Air Cooler online, right away!

Key Features
  • 15 Ltrs Tank Capacity
  • 1050 cu m/hr Air Delivery
  • Honeycomb Cooling Pads
  • Smart Remote
Model Name GLAM 15 MECH
Type Desert
Cooling Media HoneyComb
Number of Speeds NA
Water Tank Capacity 15 L
Remote Support Yes
Air Throw Distance 7.3m
Cooling Coverage Area NA
Air Delivery (m3/hr) 1050 cu m/hr
Dust Filter NA
Other Features NA
Power Requirement NA
Power Consumption - Cooling 140 W
Other Features
  • Motorised Louvre Movement
  • Inverter Compatible
  • Fan Type: Blower
Dimensions (W x H x D)mm NA
Weight (Kg) 9 / 11 Kg
Warranty 1 Year Warranty*

Tank Capacity: 15L
Honeycomb Cooling Pads
Air Throw Distance: 7.3m
Blower: 17.8cm
Inverter Compatible
Suitable For Room Size Up to: 35m3/140Sq.Ft
Motorised Louver Movement
Dust Filter Net
Ice Chamber
Castor Wheels For Easy Mobility
Cooler Height: 871 mm(2.10 ft)

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