Haier Hot, Cold, & Normal Water Dispenser, Floor Standing Water Dispenser (White)(HWD-3WFS)

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3 temperature taps - Hot, plain and cold
Made of ABS plastic
Heavy duty bottle piercer with bottle holder





Anti Rodent

The anti-rodent feature in a water dispenser safeguards against rodents and pests, preventing their access and damage to the internal components, ensuring a clean and hygienic water supply.

Adjustable Cold Water Thermostat

The adjustable cold water thermostat in a water dispenser empowers users to customize and set their preferred temperature for the cold water output. It offers flexibility and control, allowing individuals to personalize the level of cooling.

Compact Design

The water dispenser comes with a compact design to occupy minimal space while providing efficient water dispensing functionality. Its compact size allows for easy placement on countertops or in small areas, making it suitable for homes, offices, or other limited space environments.




Energy Efficient

Haier water dispensers minimize energy consumption while providing convenient access to water. It promotes sustainability and optimizes energy usage without compromising on functionality.

Function Indicating LEDs

Function-indicating LEDs on a water dispenser provide a concise and visual display of its various functions and statuses. These LEDs illuminate to indicate actions such as power on/off, water heating or cooling.

Tropicalized Compressor

A tropicalized compressor in a water dispenser is a specially designed compressor that can operate effectively in hot and humid tropical environments. It is built to withstand high ambient temperatures and humidity levels, ensuring optimal performance and reliability in challenging conditions.

Colour White
Material Pre-painted / Powder coated Galv. Steel
Brand Haier
Product Dimensions 36D x 32W x 100H Centimeters
Style Heavy Duty

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