Summer is here! Have you checked your air conditioners for its efficiency? In most cases, AC issues can be detected easily and fixed quickly. However, when should you really replace it? Have you thought about it?  

The decision to replace your air conditioner is not an easy one. The cost for a basic 1.5 model is around 20,000, and a mid-grade model is around 15,000. So, it’s not a purchase you take lightly. But if you have to fix your old AC frequently then buying a new AC will be advisable. In this article, let’s figure out the signs of AC's that must be taken seriously for a replacement.

SIGN 1:  Your Air-conditioner Is Noisy Or Smelling Weird

  • Any machine has an expiry and Air Conditioner is no lesser appliance. An average lifespan of an AC is about 15-20 years as per Energy Air reports. However, it is wise to buy a new AC before the expiry. As per, if an AC is >=10 years old, you could “save 20% to 40% of your energy consumption by replacing it with a newer model.”
  • If your AC is over 10-15 years, it is wise to plan & buy a new one at the earliest. For exchange benefits you could also buy a new AC a little earlier than the expiry. Too old, too less exchange value, keep that in mind.

SIGN 2: Requires Frequent and Expensive Repairs

  • Have you had an old car or motorcycle that needed repair too often? You spend a lot of money for nothing and end up getting back to the garage for the next repair. It’s worthless, instead we replace and buy a newer model. Same applies to Air conditioners. 
  • Any air conditioner faults must be fixed at one to two shots, if it requires a repair quite often, then buying a new AC is the better choice. There is no point in spending too much on the old ac. 
  • Whenever your AC is at fault and you call up the technician, ask him for a transparent assessment about the overall efficiency of your air conditioner. So, as to decide on the replacement factor. In case of multiple parts failures, it's wiser to buy a new AC at the earliest possible. 

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SIGN 3: Tired of Paying High-electric Bills

  • If your AC is filthy and wasting more energy and not providing the chillness, you can try to clean and check for its efficiency. However, if your AC isn’t responding even after cleaning, it is better recommended to purchase a new model AC. 
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  • Keep checking your ACs energy usage - Higher Electricity Bills (AC cooling takes about 17% of the average household’s annual utility, so if there is any increase in your bill cannot be overlooked).

Apart from the above signs, there are various other reasons to consider buying a new AC. Like weird smell, noise, comfort, energy rating, upgraded room/ home etc. After deciding to replace and buy a new AC, do buy the latest model from a reputable retailer or online as this is an investment for a long term.

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