Summer holidays are cool but not the scorching sun! Temperatures in India go up to 45-50 degree and we are in need of effective cooling tips for your air coolers to battle this heat. If you are planning to buy an air cooler online, visit James & Co online site to check air cooler online price. Here are 4 ways to protect your Air Cooler so as to protect yourself from this summer heat.

Proper ventilation is an important factor for air coolers to run efficiently

     Air Coolers aren’t similar to air conditioners to work in closed premises. Air coolers have a different process mechanism, it works on evaporation methods. It blows hot air through the cooling pads that are soaked in water, allowing smooth airflow which is vital for its cooling. You can do an air cooler shopping from online James & Co, to avoid going out in the hot climate.

    Place the air cooler close to open windows

    On the other hand for proper ventilation it is important to position your air cooler as close as to your windows. Hotter the air, faster the evaporation and cooler the air blown out by the fan. It’s also important to form good ventilation within the room to push the humidity out. so as to try and do this, keep the windows open. Ensure not to open it wide or it'll only increase the room’s temperature. When you buy a room cooler online from James & Co, the technicians will instruct how to adjust the windows to enhance the cooling effect.

    Proper ventilation & place the air cooler is fixed allows the air cooler to work effectively and efficiently. When you allow a smooth workflow without any hindrance, you will be able to prevent your air cooler for a longer period, without any issues.

    Adding ice over water restrictions, in the ice compartment or just into the water tank

      Another effective way of accelerating the cooling efficiency is by adding ice to the water within the tank. You might have already tried this hack. In fact, some coolers also include dedicated ice compartments. Adding ice to the water makes the pads cooler, leading to cool air passing through them. However, it's effective only when you're seated closer to the cooler.

      Adding ice won't help decrease the temperature or the humidity within the room. Adding an excessive amount of ice also can cause the evaporation process to cut down, hampering the efficiency of the air cooler. This makes it important to anticipate when to place ice within the cooler. Adding ice will be simpler when you’re coping with very high temperatures.

      Hacks are necessary but you need to be aware of the system and not cause more pressure in its process. If you keep adding ice regularly, you might lose the efficiency of air coolers.

      In case you haven’t found the perfect air cooler or considering an exchange, James & Co online air coolers will be the perfect cooling system with a cool price.

      Take excellent care for you air cooler - cleaning, checking the wires & changing cool pads regularly

       Any machine for that matter needs cleaning & maintenance. It is better to service your air coolers before using it in summer. Firstly you clean the cooling pads, there must be a lot of dust collected & blocked. It is better suggested to scrub the pads weekly once. If you find more dust has accumulated, then the most effective option would be replacing them.

      It’s also important to wash the storage tank and ensure there are not any leaks. A fast swipe over the fan blades will help improve the efficiency. It’s advisable to service the air cooler regularly. If you have bought an air cooler from online shopping James & Co site, then you’ll automatically be finding the required help on fast maintenance runs and even repairs.

      With regular maintenance & service you can prolong the air coolers life effectively.

      Make sure to moisturize the cooling pads before use

      One way to get instant cooling is by letting the pump run while filling the tank with water/ice. The pump will run the water through cooling pads, allowing them to soak the water/ get moisturized beforehand. You'll run the fan after the tank is full. This helps the cooler to cool down the air, as soon as you switch it on.

      By doing so, you can ensure the cooling pads of your air cooler are long lasting.

      Additionally use drapes in your room to avoid heat from entering the area or switching off lights and other appliances for a better & faster cooling.

      Buying Air coolers online is a decision that comes with many good reasons over air conditioners. Besides being environment friendly, the air coolers are certainly low-priced and economical to use as compared to air-conditioners. Earlier due to space constraint air coolers looked outdated and people hesitated to buy one. However, recently there are new design pillar air coolers in online James & Co site which occupy less space and are very efficient.

      Air cooler mechanisms need space for evaporation so, ventilation, placement, windows, drapes, cleaning, maintenance, replacing cooling pads, ice over water are little hacks to prolong the life of an air cooler and for its smooth operation that everyone must remember. Follow these simple hacks & enjoy this Summer.

      If you’re considering buying an air cooler online this season, Visit James & Co online site and explore the brands, offers & check air cooler price online. All air-coolers are infused with Breathe Ezee Technology to supply breathable, healthier and cleaner air. Integrated with the most-modern features, all air coolers certainly make the best-buy room cooler from online for your space.

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