VOLTAS 123 Vectra Elegant 1 Ton 3 Star Split AC (Copper Condenser, Anti Dust Filter)

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Optimal Cooling:
The VOLTAS 123 Vectra Elegant 1-ton Split Air Conditioner offers an airflow volume of up to 353.14CFM, making it an optimal choice for rooms up to 120Sq.Ft. Moreover, you can experience the benefit of quick cooling with this Split Air Conditioner, which employs turbo cooling to rapidly create a comfortable indoor environment. As a result, whether it's work-related stress or simply a hot day, this AC offers you a speedy rejuvenation as you return home.

Sleep Mode:
Enjoy a restful night's sleep with the Sleep mode feature on this air conditioner, which fine-tunes cooling for your comfort and energy savings.

EER Rotary Compressor:
Housing a robust EER rotary compressor, this 1-ton AC not only offers optimal performance but also long-lasting durability.

3-Star Rating:
Boasting a 3-star rating and consuming just 905W, this air conditioner offers efficient cooling without putting a strain on your electricity bill. This way, this air conditioner makes for a cost-effective choice.

High Ambient Cooling:
Boasting exceptional ambient temperature control, this adjustable inverter AC effectively cools in extreme conditions, even at 50°C. Also, with its impressive cooling capacity, it effortlessly provides a cool environment in high-temperature settings.

Copper Condenser Coil:
Sporting a copper condenser coil, this VOLTAS air conditioner ensures high heat exchange efficiency, contributing to more effective and rapid cooling of your space.

Low-Gas Diagnosis:
This VOLTAS air conditioner is designed with a unique low-gas diagnosis feature that comes with auto-detection of low gas. This way, it helps in enhancing the compressor life.

Anti-Dust Filter:
Courtesy of its high-performance anti-dust filter, this AC can filter out dust, allergens, and airborne particles, providing you with clean air.

Auto-Restart Function:
With auto-restart, this AC offers peace of mind by automatically restoring your desired cooling settings after power disruptions. Therefore, if you encounter power interruptions, this AC takes charge of reinstating your comfort effortlessly.

Self-Clean Mode:
With the Self-Clean mode, this air conditioner handles cleaning and dehumidifying tasks automatically, enabling effortless maintenance.

R32 Refrigerant:
This air conditioner, with its R32 refrigerant, ensures eco-friendly and effective cooling performance.

Stabiliser-Free Operation:
With stabiliser-free operation, this air conditioner handles voltage fluctuations without the need for an external stabiliser. Hence, whether you're in a region with erratic power conditions or a place blessed with a consistent electricity supply, this air conditioner is a suitable choice.





Low Gas Diagnosis

Voltas Acs are programmed with a unique ‘Low gas diagnosis’ feature that comes with Auto detection of Low Gas which helps enhance compressor life.

Turbo Cooling

Quick and Uniform Cooling - Voltas AC delivers higher air flow with its unique louvre design to help cool the room faster with no hot spot in a short period.

R-32 Refrigerant

The R-32 Refrigerant comes with zero ozone depletion potential making it safer for the environment.




CO2 Reduction

This helps in reducing the levels of CO2 in a closed room to increase the level of fresh air ventilation. The filter removes volatile organic compounds and other toxic gases.

Copper Condenser

The AC is equipped with a copper condenser that provides better cooling and is more durable compared to aluminum condensers.

High Ambient Cooling

Extreme Ambient Temperature Controlling Capabilities - The Voltas Adjustable Inverter AC cools even at 50°C. With its superior cooling capacity, it cools easily at high temperatures.

1 Ton Split AC, 3 Star Rating
Copper Condenser
1 Year Comprehensive Warranty, 5 Years Compressor Warranty
For Rooms up to 120 sqft
Power Consumption: 905 Watts
Refrigerant: R-32
Stabilizer Free Operation, Active Dehumidifier

Country Of Origin : India

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