Panasonic 7 in 1 Convertible 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split Smart AC with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant Support (2023 Model, Copper Condenser, CS/CU-HU18ZKYF)

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Brand Panasonic
Model 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (CS/CU-HU18ZKYF)
Price in India ₹54,990
Model Name CS/CU-HU18ZKYF
Type Inverter Split
Capacity 1.5 Ton
Star Rating 5 Star
BEE Rating Year 2023
Colours White
Cooling Capacity 5100 W
Compressor Inverter Compressor
Refrigerant R - 32
Operating Modes 7 in 1 Convertible Mode
Dehumidification Yes
Condenser Coil Copper
Remote Control Yes


Inhibits Bacteria and Viruses - Tested on SARS-CoV-2

nanoeX Technology

The patented nanoeX technology, also known as nature’s detergent, cleans and deodorizes the air by producing nano-sized hydroxyl radicals (also known as OH radicals). These effectively inhibit the growth of pollutants such as allergens, bacteria, viruses, moulds and odours. This technology addresses possible risks associated with pathogenic micro-organisms, and creates a cleaner and safer environment for people around the world. The novel SARS-CoV-2 is one such new type of virus, and tests done at Texcell Laboratory, France has confirmed that the nanoe X has an inhibitory effect on the adhered virus.

7 in 1 Convertible with additional AI Mode


Meet Cool Comfort

Econavi - Hu12ZKYF




Enjoy Comfort With Energy Savings

ECONAVI has dual sensors – Human Activity Sensor and Absence Detection Sensor. Together, they monitor human location, movement and presence to use energy more efficiently. By adapting to the way you live and optimizing operation, this unique feature makes the air conditioning in your home more energy efficient .


Fast Cooling with 4 Way Swing

The AEROWINGS is controlled by 2 independent motors and dual independent flaps. Airflow is delivered at a faster pace, spreading further at a concentrated level. Shower airflow spreads fast, cool and concentrated air across room and to the wall, then showers down gently.


Cool Every Corner of your Room

Panasonic's Air conditioners comes with Jetstream airflow that can throw air up to 45 feet. The indoor unit has large air intake & Fan diameter which increases airflow.

MirAie - Connected Living

Panasonic AC, Voice Commands

Panasonic AC, Voice Commands

Panasonic Smart AC, Custom Sleep Profile

Convenience with the AI-enabled MirAie App

A Smarter Way to Control Your Air

The Panasonic MirAie delivers convenient control, connectivity and comfort. Seamlessly adjust temperature, monitor status and change modes right from the MirAie App.

Control Your Air Conditioner with Voice Control

Intuitive Voice Control

Introducing intuitive voice control with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa control compatibility. Using your existing Google assistant or Alexa devices, control your Panasonic air conditioner with just your voice.

Customized Sleep Profile

Sleep Peacefully without midnight chills

Miraie enables enhanced flexibility as it allows users to schedule hourly temperature to eliminate midnight chills. Users can also create different temperature profiles for weekdays and weekends.

Meet Performance & Durability

HU12ZKYF- Auto Convertible

Panasonic AC, MirAie One touch Service


HU12ZKYF- Shield Blu

Auto Convertible Inverter

All-in-One Auto-Convertible Panasonic Air Conditioners adjust the cooling capacity automatically basis the temperature and humidity level inside the room. Enjoy not just hassle-free cooling but save on energy bills too. The Inverter provides a host of benefits for your comfort, such as fast cooling upon start-up, constantly maintaining a set temperature, a wider power output range, reduced noise levels and energy savings.

One Touch Service and Self Diagnosis

Manage Air Conditioning & Troubleshooting Effortlessly

Featuring an intuitive auto-diagnosis feature, the Panasonic Air Conditioner is equipped to detect issues in advance and alert users. The MiAaie App provides one-touch service request and allows users to monitor and manage e-warranties.

Stabilizer Free Operation

Long Term Durability

Panasonic Air Conditioners are designed to operate under tough conditions with stabilizer free operation for voltage range between 100V-290V. If power fluctuation is beyond the stated limit, then a stabilizer is required.

Long-term All-Weather Endurance

Eco-Tough Casing

The outdoor unit of Panasonic ACs is made of special material casing “Eco-Tough” made of Japanese steel that safeguards it from tough weather condition. Enjoy life long comfort with Panasonic AC that feature 100% pure copper coils for faster heat transfer and resistance to corrosion. Panasonic designs its products to be user friendly so our customers can use them for a long time with confidence. Shield Blu protects Evaporator against corrosion from air, water and other corrosive elements. Panasonic ACs come with R32 Refrigerant that protects the condenser from accidental fire while ensuring zero damage to the ozone layer. Exceptionally crafted to resist tough weather conditions like rain, direct sunlight and strong winds.

1.5 Ton Inverter Split Smart AC, 5 Star Rating
Copper Condenser
1 Year Comprehensive Warranty, 10 Years Compressor Warranty
For Rooms up to 180 sqft
Power Consumption: 1290 Watts
Refrigerant: R32
Shield Blu Plus, Active Air Purification

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