Blue Star 5 in 1 Convertible 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC with 4-Way Swing (2023 Model, Copper Condenser, IC518VNU)

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Efficient Cooling:
Boasting an airflow volume of up to 610CFM, the Blue Star V 1.5-ton Split Air Conditioner is ideal for rooms up to 180Sq.Ft. Thanks to its turbo cooling, this split air conditioner makes sure that your room cools down quickly and efficiently, providing relief from the heat within minutes of turning on the AC. Therefore, after a tiring outdoor adventure, you can rely on this AC to quickly refresh your space and leave you feeling revitalised in moments.

5-in-1 Convertible Mode:
You can enjoy a cooling experience designed for your needs with this AC's 5-in-1 convertible mode, which allows you to adjust the cooling capacity to save energy and stay comfortable.

Four-Way Swing:
With the four-way swing, the louvres of this AC can disperse air horizontally and vertically, making it easy to adjust its airflow accurately. So, if you aim to have a versatile air conditioning solution that adapts to your specific requirements, this AC's four-way swing is the answer.

Nano Unprotect Technology:
The Special Nano BluProtect coating applied on copper tubes of this AC provides additional protection from corrosion and leakage due to dirt, salty air and industrial pollution, ensuring efficient cooling performance and long-term durability.

Sleep Mode:
The Sleep mode in this AC creates the ideal sleeping conditions by regulating temperature for a peaceful and energy-efficient rest.

Inverter Rotary Compressor:
The inverter rotary compressor in this 1.5-ton AC is a testament to its lasting performance and cooling efficiency.

5-Star Rating:
You can choose this air conditioner for a cost-effective cooling solution, as it boasts a 5-star rating and a power consumption of 1260W. Thus, whether you're striving for an energy-efficient cooling solution or aiming to cut down on electricity costs, this air conditioner is a suitable choice.

Copper Condenser Coil:
Designed with a copper condenser coil, this Blue Star air conditioner maximises heat exchange efficiency, delivering swift and efficient cooling for your room.

Anti-Dust Filter:
Fitted with an efficient anti-dust filter, this AC plays a vital role in removing dust, allergens, and airborne impurities to maintain good air quality.

R32 Refrigerant:
Incorporating R32 refrigerant, this AC is designed to provide efficient and eco-friendly cooling for your space.

Stabiliser-Free Operation:
No external stabiliser is required for this air conditioner, thanks to its stabiliser-free operation.

Compatible with Inverters:
As this AC is inverter-compatible, you can still enjoy cooling in case of a power cut. Thus, in the event of power outages or fluctuations, rest assured that this AC can perform without any interruptions.

Series Name VNU
Nominal Cooling Capacity (tonnage) 1.5
Star Rating 5 star
(Rated) Voltage/Frequency/Phase 230 V / 50Hz / Single
Cooling Capacity (Watt)(Min~Max) 5050 (2118 ~ 5310)
Cooling Capacity (BTU/hr) 17230
Rated Cooling Capacity (50% Load) (Watt) 2525
Cooling Rated Power Input (Watt) 1260
Cooling Capacity (BTU/hr)(Min~Max) 17230 (7226 ~ 18117)
Cooling Power Input (50% Load) (Watt) 468
ISEER 5.04
Electricity Consumed In 1600 Hours. (Units/Year) 774.88
Nominal Current (Cooling)(Amps) 5.8
Air Flow Volume (Wet CFM) (High / Medium / Low) 610/580/434/350
Noise Level Indoor (dB(a)) (High/ Medium/ Low) 52
Moisture Removal (Litres/Hour) 1.3
Compressor Type Inverter Rotary
Acoustic Jacket On Compressor Yes
Refrigerant Quantity(Kg) 0.93
Ambient Temp (Cooling) (degree C) 54
Remote LCD Remote with Display
Night Glow Function On Remote Buttons Yes
Net IDU(Product) Dimension (mm) 975 x 229.4 x 320.4
Input Power Supply IDU
Net Weight IDU (kg) 12
Net ODU Dimensions (Width X Depth X Height) (mm) 888.4 x 367 x 581.5
Net Weight ODU (kg) 26.5
Noise Level Outdoor (dB(a)) 58
Gross IDU Weight (kg) 13.1
Gross ODU Weight (kg) 31.5
Suction Tube Size Outer Diameter Inch (mm) 1/2" (12.7mm)
Liquid Tube Size Outer Diameter Inch (mm) 1/4" (6.35mm)
Max Piping Capability Total (metre) 15
Max Piping Capability Vertical (metre) 10
Refrigerant Additional Charge Beyond 4M (g/m) 15
Power Supply to ODU Source(Core/Gauge) 4C * 1.5sqmm
Power Supply to IDU Source(Core/Gauge) 3C * 1.5sqmm
Remote Battery Type AAA
Product Title VNU | Inverter AC | 5 Star | 1.5 Ton
Features Refrigerant This brilliant 5 star inverter AC incorporates tremendous features like anti-microbial filters which deactivates microbes, nano bluprotect technology, 5-in-1 convertible along with many more features.
Features Condenser Type 100% Copper
Air Conditioner Technology Inverter
Category 5 Star
Country of Origin India


Features Warranty 10 Year Warranty on Inverter Compressor
Features Additional Warranty Option 1+4 Year Extended Warranty

1.5 Ton Inverter AC, 5 Star Rating
Copper Condenser
1 Year Comprehensive Warranty, 10 Years Compressor Warranty
For Rooms up to 180 sq ft
Power Consumption: 1260W
Refrigerant: R32
Anti Microbial Filter, Turbo Cool

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