V-Guard VTI 4140 Voltage Stabilizer ( White )

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V-Guard's VTI 4150 1.5 ton inverter AC stabilizer embodies technical excellence, with a spectrum of functions coming together for improved functionality and efficiency in protecting your air-conditioner. The stabilizer’s ‘smart output voltage correction’ feature enables readjustment of the regulation range in accordance with supply voltage variation - this helps it to gain the right power regulation that is required for the safe working of the connected device.

An excellent digital display system allows you to keep regular track of Input Voltage, Output Voltage, and any protection mode that may be enabled such as Low Voltage, High Voltage or Over Load cut off, etc. The benefit of this seemingly feature cannot be understated - it will prove to be highly useful in monitoring the system in the long run.

The stabilizer makes optimal use of a micro controller-based design, fulfilling the possibility of faster voltage corrections with enhanced efficiency. The slightest variations in fluctuations can harm vital components of your AC; with micro controlled operations performing its function effectively, your AC is safe and secure from any damage as a result of fluctuations.

The VTI 4150 inverter stabilizer is further strengthened by the inclusion of an advanced Intelligent Time Delay System (ITDS), allowing the compressor sufficient balancing time prior to restarting. This smart technology ensures that there are no delays in restarting when the stabilizer is in off-mode for three or more minutes. At the same time, it guarantees that, in case power supply fails and comes back within three minutes, a time delay is automatically activated.

The elegant style of the VTI 4150 stabilizer sets it a class apart. Its ergonomic design allows it to adapt just about anywhere, making it a perfect fit for a wide variety of spaces.

Brand V - Guard
Capacity 12 Ampere
Model VTI4140
Color White
Type Air Conditioner Stabilizer
Suitable For One Inverter AC Up to 1.5 Ton or 18000 BTU/Hour
Material Metal

Power Features

Power Input 150 VAC - 280 VAC


General Features One Inverter AC Up to 1.5 Ton or 18000 BTU/Hour
Mount Type Wall Mounting

Other Details

Warranty 3 Years

Smart Output Voltage Correction
Sleek and Elegant Cabinet Design
Digital Display for Improved Visibility
3 Years Warrenty

Country Of Origin : India

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