V-Guard Solsmart-2750 V-Guard Pure Sine Wave Inverter

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Control and monitor the Solar Hybrid inverters via easy-to-use V-Guard Smart Mobile App (Wi-Fi & Bluetooth).
Now you can change modes or alter the settings of your appliances using the V-Guard Smart Mobile App. For e.g. You can increase your fan / Air cooler speed using this way.
Facility to increase inverters battery backup time through the V-Guard Smart Mobile App on your phone.
Equipped with inbuilt high efficiency solar charge controller with solar panel compatibility as per specification.
With the Battery Gravity Builder technology, your battery gets boost charged at the comfort of your home and protects it from deep discharges.
Easily configure the Solar & inverters settings according to your requirements and for your various needs.
Keep a check on solar consumption parameters such as Today’s saving, Yesterday’s saving and Total saving etc. through the modern display system.
Additional equipment mode setting to facilitate usage of high-intensity appliances.
Digital Signal Controller based design for pure sine wave output.
Choose from multiple charging modes for different battery technologies such as Tubular/Flat Battery and for various capacities ranging from 80Ah to 230Ah.
Intelligent load and temperature-based cooling fan operation.

An epitome of innovation and technology, the V-Guard SolSmart  2750 Solar Hybrid Inverters comes packed with industry-leading and first-in-class features.

Built-in Intelligence

The SolSmart  2750 Solar Hybrid Inverters is designed as an integrated power system that uses hybrid technology to charge up from both grid power and solar power. However, the system’s intelligence allows it to switch automatically to solar power whenever available, and avoid use of grid power. Additionally, its Auto Discharge feature also ensures that the system automatically switches to battery rather than grid power whenever possible, for example at night, to save power and reduce electricity bills considerably.

Pure Sinewave

Use of a Digital Signal Controller ensures that the output of these inverters is a pure sinewave, thus making it suitable for even sensitive applications.

V-Guard Smart Mobile App

The SolSmart  2750 Solar Hybrid Inverters can be controlled by the V-Guard Smart Mobile App, which helps your Inverters to utilize solar power even more effectively. For example, the App gives you weather forecasts that help you plan your power distribution and usage to coincide with sunshine periods wherever possible.

To monitor how well your system is utilizing solar power, the App also shows you real-time solar utilization. This helps you understand how the solar power is being utilized at any point of time: for charging the battery, running the load, or wasted due to no requirement, and to fine-tune the usage of the inverter accordingly.

The App also offers you a graphical display of various parameters such as Previous Day Savings, Daily Savings and Total savings since Installation, all of which help you in RoI calculations.


‘Panel Clean’ Reminder

The solar panels need to be clean at all times to receive maximum solar energy possible. To ensure the same, you get a timely reminder to clean the panels. This simple feature helps enormously in optimizing solar power usage and lowering your power bills!


Wi-fi and Bluetooth Connectivity

These inverters offer Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to monitor and control them from anywhere in the world! You can also use Amazon's Alexa or Google's Home device to increase the inverters backup time to the maximum possible. What’s more, you get notifications from the inverter too, for events such as low battery, overload, etc, so that you can take whatever action necessary, based on the situation.


Battery Protection

A timely reminder for water top-up is another useful feature that helps keep your system efficient and effective, and ensures long life of the battery. Its Battery Gravity Builder feature with overcharge and deep discharge protection also helps protect the battery and enhances its life as well.

Intelligent Load Selection

Since most homes these days have inverter-technology based equipment such as ACs, washing machines and refrigerators, the SolSmart 2750 Solar Hybrid inverters offers you an ‘Equipment Mode’ wherein it allows the system to provide backup in the voltage range needed by these sophisticated machines. What’s more, an ‘Appliance Mode’ can be used to run heavier loads such as electric irons, coffee makers, grinders, toasters, hair dryers, etc, albeit for shorter periods. In its ‘Normal Mode’, you can use the inverters to run appliances like fans, lights, laser printers, desktop computers, laptops, mobile chargers, induction cooktops, desert coolers, chargers, fax machines, CCTV cameras, etc.


Rugged Design

The V-Guard SolSmart 2750 Solar Hybrid inverters is designed and built to be rugged and reliable, with in-built protection against short-circuits, overloading, surges, wiring faults, etc.


With a capacity of 2200VA (1750W) and designed for use with solar panels rated up to 1650Wp, 24V, the SolSmart 2750 is suitable for multiple computers, fans, CFLs, tube lights, EESL LED bulbs, LED TVs, an iron box, a 0.75-ton inverter AC, a refrigerator, a cooler, a mixer grinder, a 0.5HP pump, a 1kW geyser, or a semi-automatic washing machine (up to 1200W).

In The Box
  • 1
  • V-Guard
Model Number
  • Solsmart-2750
Battery Included
  • No
Back Up Time
  • 22 hrs
Load Options
  • 2000VA
  • Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Model Name
  • V-Guard
Mode Type
  • Solsmart-2750
Solar Power Compatible
  • Yes
Output Features
  • 90 %
Output Voltage
  • 220V
Output Frequency
  • 50Hz
Input Features
Input Voltage
  • 24V
Input Frequency
  • 50Hz
  • 26 cm
  • 28 cm
  • 24 cm
  • 5 Kg
Warranty Summary
  • 24
Service Type
  • On-Site
Covered in Warranty
  • Manufacturing Defects
Not Covered in Warranty
  • Physical Damages

Country Of Origin : India

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