Panasonic SRWA18(J) 660-Watt Rice Cooker (White)

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The rice cooker offers good value for money; is durable and it comes with a 5-year warranty. Capacity The Panasonic aluminium and steel rice cooker has a capacity of 1.8 litres and it is suitable for singles as well as families. You can use it on hectic weekdays or when entertaining; the efficiency is the same. You can add the rice and water at your preferred time and it will be hot and ready when needed at meal times. Apart from regular rice, you can use this durable cooker for making biryanis, pulao and even soups and stews. Material The rice cooker is made using resilient aluminium and steel which lends certain robustness to this product. The aluminium cooking pan absorbs heat fast and saves on cooking time, and hence is an energy efficient option. It has a sturdy steel lid to cover the cooked items inside. With a 660 watt power, cooking is quick and is fitted with easy to hold handles. Compatibility The Panasonic aluminium and steel rice cooker is an electrical appliance and needs power to work efficiently. It is not gas compatible or microwave proof. It is meant for use only when an electrical socket is available. Safety Extremely safe to use, this cooker has automatic power options and the cooker switches off after the rice is cooked. With this cooker with auto switch off you will not have burnt rice again or have to work with flames, which makes it very safe to use. Powered by Japanese Technology, it has a thermostat for precision control and is also equipped with a scoop holder, which keeps the scoop in place and makes cooking less messy.


General Information

Brand Panasonic
Cooker Type Electric Rice Cooker
Cooker Capacity 1 Kg
General Features Automatic Cooking
Thermostat for precision control
Comes with micro switch for reliability
Power Power - 230 V, 660 W, 50Hz
Dimensions W X D X H -270 X 270 X 240 mm
Weight 2.67 Kg
Warranty 5 Years

Country Of Origin : India

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