Haier Clean Cool 7 in 1 Convertible 1 Ton 3 Star Triple Inverter Split AC with Antimicrobial Protection

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Swift Cooling in 10 Seconds with Supersonic Cooling:

Experience swift cooling with the Haier Clean Cool air conditioner. In just 10 seconds, this AC turns your living space into a cool and comfortable haven. Combat the heat promptly and enjoy immediate relief with this exceptional cooling feature.

Optimal Humidity Control:

Maintain mastery over your indoor atmosphere with Humidity Management. The Haier Clean Cool air conditioner ensures that the air you breathe is not only cool but also tailored for optimal humidity levels, creating a refreshing and pleasant ambiance in your living space.

Efficient Air Circulation with 700 CFM Airflow:

Experience unrivaled air circulation with a robust 700 CFM airflow, guaranteeing consistent cooling in every corner of the room. Even in extreme temperatures of up to 60 degrees Celsius, the Haier Clean Cool air conditioner establishes a cool sanctuary.

Energy-Efficient Cooling with Inverter Technology and Triple Inverter Plus:

Embrace energy-conscious cooling by utilizing Inverter Technology and the Triple Inverter Plus. This air conditioner maximizes its efficiency, ensuring an ideal balance of powerful cooling and energy preservation. Enjoy a cool environment without compromising on effectiveness.

Stabilizer-Free Operation for Simplified Cooling:

Simplify your cooling experience with Stabilizer-Free Operation. The Haier Clean Cool air conditioner is engineered to endure voltage fluctuations, eliminating the need for an external stabilizer. Enjoy unwavering and dependable cooling without additional complications.

Effective Cooling with Rotary Compressor:

Experience efficient and reliable cooling with the Rotary Compressor. This air conditioner is equipped with a top-notch compressor that ensures peak performance, providing you with a consistently cool and pleasant living space.

Durable Copper Components: Grooved Copper Condenser Coil and Copper Tube Connecting Pipe:

Ensure efficient heat exchange and durability with the Grooved Copper Condenser Coil and Copper Tube Connecting Pipe. The Haier Clean Cool air conditioner is crafted with premium copper components that enhance cooling efficiency and guarantee the appliance's longevity.

Instant Cooling Power with 3470 Watts Cooling Capacity:

Feel the rapid cooling power with an impressive 3470 Watts Cooling Capacity. This air conditioner ensures swift and effective cooling, making it the perfect solution for scorching summer days. Experience relief from the heat within moments of activating the AC.

Adaptive Cooling with Intelli Convertible 7-in-1:

Adapt to fluctuating cooling needs with the Intelli Convertible 7-in-1 feature. This air conditioner provides versatile modes, allowing you to customize your cooling experience based on various scenarios and preferences. Enjoy customized comfort throughout the seasons.

Clean Air Assurance with Anti Dust Filter featuring Micro Antimicrobial Protection and Frost Self Clean:

Give priority to clean and healthy air with the Anti Dust Filter featuring Micro Antimicrobial Protection. The Haier Clean Cool air conditioner captures dust particles and provides protection against harmful microorganisms, ensuring the air you breathe is pure. The Frost Self Clean feature contributes to effortless maintenance, ensuring the AC stays in optimal condition.

1 Ton Triple Inverter Plus Split AC, 3 Star Rating
Copper Condenser
1 Year Comprehensive Warranty, 11 Years Warranty on Compressor
For Rooms up to 130 sq.ft
Power Consumption: 1155 Watts
Refrigerant: R32
Supersonic Cooling in 10 Sec, Anti Dust Filter with Micro Antimicrobial Protection

Country Of Origin : India

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