Godrej 8.5 kg 5 Star Semi Automatic Washing Machine with PowerMax Wash Motor (Edge Ultima Steelnox, WS EDGE ULTS 85 5.0 DB2M CSGR, Crystal Grey)

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Versatile Fabric Care

Perfectly suited for families of 4-6 members, the Godrej Edge Ultima 8.5Kg Semi-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine provides a convenient and efficient laundry solution. It features various wash programs, such as Regular and Strong for comprehensive cleaning, whether daily wear, mixed fabrics, or heavy-duty laundry.

Steel Pyramid Drum

The pyramid drum of this washing machine ensures that every garment receives optimal cleaning and rinsing. Furthermore, engineered from high-quality steel, it adds a layer of sturdiness and durability to your washing machine.

1440 RPM Spin Speed

Utilising a robust 1440 RPM spin speed, this semi-automatic washing machine excels at efficiently extracting water from your laundry, facilitating rapid drying.

Cartridge Lint Filter

Built with a cartridge lint filter, this washing machine functions as a meticulously traps lint and fluff to keep your clothes in pristine condition after every wash.

Active Soak Up to 20 Minutes

You can pre-soak your clothes directly in this washing machine before the wash cycle begins. The pulsator movement ensures effective scrubbing, loosening tough stains with ease.

Ample Energy Savings

Owing to its impressive 5-star rating and a PowerMax Wash motor, this Godrej washing machine not only delivers efficient cleaning but also proves to be a cost-effective choice.

User-Friendly Navigation

Featuring a water-protected rear control panel, this washing machine ensures convenience in removing clothes without concerns about getting the control panel wet during the washing process. You can also operate this washing machine effortlessly with user-friendly knobs designed to spin, rinse, start, stop, and more.

Child Lock

By activating the Child Lock functionality on this washing machine, you can restrict access to control buttons to avoid interruptions caused by curious children.

Durable Build

Built with a robust rust-proof body, this washing machine is built to withstand daily wear and tear, ensuring a reliable laundry experience for years to come. Moreover, designed with a glass lid, this top-load washing machine ensures swift and easy access to your clothes.


100% Rust-Proof Inside out

The exterior is made of rust proof polypropylene. The wash tub is made of 304 surgical grade stainless steel.

1440 RPM Spin Motor

The 1440 RPM Spin Motor facilitates better and faster drying.

Spin Shower

Unique rain shower rinse mechanism for better detergent removal.

Water Protected Rear Control Panel

Control panel is located at the back, so that clothes can be removed easily, without worrying about getting the panel wet.

Strong Wash Program

Heavy soiled & dense clothes can be easily washed.


Ribbed Walls for Scrubbing Action

The wash tub walls have ridges that help in scrub action for all sides evenly.

Toughened Glass Lid

Toughened glass lid can withstand weight of a 1kg metal ball, is heat & impact resistant, dampens sound adds to the aesthetics.

Modular End to End Glass Design

The borderless machine provides an infinity feel.

460 W PowerMaxx Motor Wash

The 460W PowerMax Wash Motor gives a thorough cleaning and makes it easy to wash heavy laundry as well as everyday clothes.

Castor Wheels

Helps to easily move the machine.


Soft Shut Lid

The ergonomically designed lid lifts easily and gently falls down to protect hands.


Active Soak Upto 20 min

Ditch the bucket! Pre soak your clothes in the machine itself before the start of the wash cycle. The pulsator movement will also provide hand scrub action to loosen tough stains.

End of cycle Buzzer

A buzzer sounds, so that you come to know the load is ready wherever you are & do not need to keep checking or wait around .

Cartridge Lint Filter

Cartridge Lint filter collects lint, fluff and particles even at low water levels, so that the clothes come out clean and fresh after every wash.

Tri Roto Scrub Pulsator

With three roto-wheels mounted on the pulsator, the machine is deigned for super effcient cleaning, making the cothes move fluidly & targetting every spot of the cloth.

35 min Wash Time

Longer Wash time option to get the clothes spick & span.

2 Wash Programs

2 wash programs for diffrent types of laundry.

Water Level Indicator

Set the water level indicator according to the load so excess water is not used.

Pyramid Drum

1044 tiny pyramids made of grade 304 stainless steel, form the surface of the drum. The clothes brush across the edges & gently glide over the inclined faces ensuring grit is removed gently.

5 Star Energy Rating

5 Star energy rating as per BEE 2023 norms to optimize electricity consumption and give higher savings.

Wash 8 bedsheets

Wash upto 8 king size bedsheets at a time.

5 Year Wash Motor Warranty

5 Year Warranty on Wash Motor.


2 Year Comprehensive Warranty

2 year Warranty on Entire Washing Machine.

8.5kg, Top Load, Semi Automatic
BEE 5 Star Rating
Ideal for 6-8 Family Size
2 Wash Programs
Tri-Roto Scrub Pulsator, Cartridge Lint Filter, Active Soak Function
24 Months Warranty, 5 Years Motor Warranty

Country Of Origin : India

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