Are you wondering which washer you ought to invest in? 

Here are the top reasons to change from Top load to a front load washer today!

With these reasons to change to a front load washer, you’ll know why these devices are so essential. And you will be able to make a higher choice about your laundry routine. While there might still be a personal preference for a top load washer. We stipulate why front load washers are out and away from the more efficient choice for many homes.

1. Front load washers offer improved energy efficiency

Front-load washing machines use less water and power. This is a piece of good news for both the environment and your pocket. Front-loaders don’t submerge clothes to scrub. They use gravity to tumble laundry through the water.

2. Front-load washers are stackable

Unlike traditional top-loading washers. Front-load washing machines are stackable. So you’ll be ready to place your dryer above or below the washer and save space in your laundry room. Stacking remains a handy option though and can rely upon the space you've got available.

3. Front-load washers have pedestal drawer storage options

Most front load washers are available with an optional pedestal drawer. That makes them easier to load and also adds quite a little bit of cupboard space to your laundry room. This can be especially useful if your laundry room is little and cramped, as many tend to be. Buying the pedestal drawers is an extra expense. But the storage & ergonomic benefits may outweigh the cost.

4. Front-load washers are quieter and have vibration control

Front-load washers are quieter than their top-loading counterparts. They use less water and don’t depend on impellers to scrub clothes. Front-loaders come with vibration control to assist the appliance to stay balanced. Even when an important load of laundry is spinning dry. The combined results assist to work on any floor without disturbing anyone below. A large plus for apartment dwellers and their neighbors.

5. Front load washers offer more advanced features

Although top load washers are now coming with more advanced features. Upgrading to a front loader washer will be more energy-efficient.  These include specialty wash cycles, energy-saving options, a vibration system, and far more.

The specialty wash cycles often include allergen, sanitize & clean washer cycles. These are all incredible. Energy-saving options often include cold wash cycles & use less energy. Yet provide you with excellent wash performance.

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