Voltage fluctuations are common and quite high in Indian power lines. They harm your electrical appliances like television, refrigerator, cooling system etc. and affect your valuable equipment critically, even leaving them in a permanently damaged condition. A carefully selected stabilizer can get you out of this problem. It prevents undesirable voltage fluctuations to enter into your electrical appliances, thus making its operations trouble-free. The range of stabilizers from James & Co is designed and made with the latest technology and stringent quality measures to safeguard every type of electrical appliances from crucial voltage fluctuations. 

Salient features you must know before buying a Voltage Stabilizer:

  • Mounting

Since a voltage stabilizer works with wattage, there's always a risk of your Stabilizer getting wet or damaged when placed on the bottom or anywhere unsafe. This is often why most stabilizers can be wall-mounted or placed at the next level, to not only protect it from any damage but also protect your family, especially babies, from being exposed to the risk of electrical shock.

  • Indicators

Indicators display the voltage which has been regulated to produce power to the appliance. Newer models also are enabled with LED indicators.

  • Time-Delay Systems

This feature enables a time-lapse so the inbuilt compressor (in case of a refrigerator or cooling system etc.) Gets sufficient time to balance this flow when a brief duration power cut occurs.

  • Digitalized

Making the function of a stabilizer more accurate and reliable, lots of the most recent models are digitalized. What's interesting about these newer models is that not only are they digitalized, but they also adapt themselves to a spread of devices. So all you have got to try and do is shift the stabilizer from one device to a different one to urge it to figure. Most of them also will connect and adapt to generators if installed.

  • Overload Protection

The overload protection feature turns off the stabilizer output completely just in case of burn-out if overload occurs.

Most of the branded stabilizers at James & Co are supplied with a 3-5 year warranty so you'll enjoy safe and sufficient protection for your appliances for an extended period. Always remember to settle on a stabilizer crafted particularly for your appliance. We hope you create an informed choice.

Latest refrigerators/air conditioners include in-built stabilizers:

Modern appliances (mostly refrigerators and air conditioners) do include an even bigger Voltage range for operation, i.e. if in past, refrigerators worked well only between 200-240V, now they need an even bigger range of 170-290V. The refrigerator or AC comes with an inbuilt high & low voltage cutoff. Using Voltage Stabilizer with such appliances might not be necessary unless voltage in your area shoots up or down much above or below the limit within which the appliance can operate.

Different stabilizers for various appliances:

Voltage Stabilizers are optimally engineered looking on the appliance which they're to be used for. They're classified on the premise of the energy limit and also the features of a selected appliance. Every appliance in our house includes a certain energy limit. Keeping those specific limits in mind, the concerned stabilizers are engineered. The various varieties of Stabilizers are-

  1. Stabilizer for cooling system
  2. Digital stabilizer (LCD TV/LED TV/Music systems)
  3. Stabilizer for Refrigerators
  4. Stabilizers for CRT TV, Music Systems
  5. Stabilizers for laundry Machine, Treadmill, Oven
  6. Mainline Stabilizers

Click here to look at our range of Voltage Stabilizers classified in step with the usage pattern and equipment. You can buy them on offers from us - James & Co online. 

The decision to buy the perfect Stabilizer that suits your need:

First and foremost, you must calculate the entire power consumed by your appliances when connected to the stabilizer, especially when switched on. It's important to grasp the energy consumed while switching on the appliances connected to the stabilizer because the appliances or device will consume double the quantity of power on start-up than it does while working.

There you've got it! Our complete Voltage Stabilizer buying guide. Equipped with this, we are sure you'll be in a position to create a wise decision about purchasing a Voltage Stabilizer that most closely fits your needs. As said in the article, you can buy stabilizers from James and Co online with offers.

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