We are living in a futuristic world. Voice-controlled and phone-synced products have taken a space in the real world and the smart kitchen appliances make cooking faster & simpler.

The secret is customizability—with programable shortcuts and settings, you'll start wondering how you ever lived without these gadgets. Since robot assistants aren't widely available yet (Alexa's as close as we've gotten), consider these subsequent smart kitchen appliances list, the key to creating your life an entire lot easier. 

Havells Drip Café kitchen appliance

Starting every morning with a cup of freshly brewed coffee gets better than ever with the introduction of Havells Drip Café kitchen appliance. Built with an auto-warming technology, it allows boiling water to filter from a compartment into your coffee for a steaming cup. Its state-of-the-art water level indicator and temperature controller keeps your beverage warm without causing damage to your kitchen appliance.

Philips Hand blender

A hand blender is one of the foremost useful appliances to possess in your kitchen. Besides blending, you'll be able to use hand blenders for chopping vegetables, making purees, soups and sauces. They're convenient to carry and are so compact that you just can use them altogether form of utensils. The most effective part is that they're easy to store.

BOSCH Microwave

Take your cooking to an entirely new level of convenience and efficiency with this amazing Bosch HMB55C463X 32 Litre kitchen appliance. The conveniently designed microwave is ideal for your cooking needs. The advanced white LED display of it ensures you'll keep an eye fixed on food being cooked even once you are busy doing other chores within the kitchen.

Prestige PWKSS 1.8 Electric Kettle

Convenience meets captivating elegance with the new Prestige Electric kettle. Its subtle design is certain to catch the attention, while the simplicity and functionality are absolute to make each day a touch easier. 1500 watts


There is absolutely no noise and steam leaks, unlike the standard aluminium autoclave. Equipped with 9 safety levels that control the pressure, power and temperature, the Preethi touch guarantees maximum safety. the electrical autoclave comes with the Preethi advantages, an electric battery of endurance, durability and reliability tests that certify the best-in-class quality of the merchandise. The attractive steel exterior and style make Preethi touch electric sterilizer a stunning addition to your kitchen.

Faber 14 Place Settings Dishwasher

Using a dishwasher is healthier and safer in many ways. for example, washing a fragile teapot or glass tumbler that becomes soapy and slippery could end in broken glass everywhere in your hands and also within your sink. Typically, dishes don't break inside the dishwasher. after they do, your hands aren't there involved the brunt of it.

Faber Zenith Wall Mounted Chimney

Equip your kitchen with a chimney and prepare delicious dishes without fear about your area is dirty. you'll head to your favourite shopping app and buy kitchen chimneys online. Kitchen chimneys are, after all, a must-have in homes with modular kitchens. this can be to make sure that the smell of whatever you're cooking doesn’t spread to the living area, especially since the kitchen is open. If you think that that cleaning the chimney is going to be a controversy, then you'll be able to set your worries aside. The range of auto-clean chimneys is often cleaned easily.

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