Nowadays, there are a plethora of options available for everything, it's important to grasp the features of the product you are intending to buy. This ensures that you just spend your money and time wisely where it promises effectiveness. Even the simplest product like a gas stove comes with a buyers’ guide enlisting the important areas to specialize in.

The lifetime of an Indian household is in its kitchen. Whether you’re an amateur cook or a zealous experimenter, whether you reside alone or in an exceedingly large family, or if you only use your kitchen for heating the leftovers, it's important to settle on your kitchen stove in line with your need. Buying unsuitable equipment can clutter your kitchen making it impossible for you to use it wisely.

To ease your burden we've narrowed down a collection of points to specialize in when choosing a gas stove:

Features of Gas Stove:


The type of stove depends on the ignition they use- the traditional standing pilot or the fashionable electric ignition. The standing pilot provides a relentless flow of gas to stay the burner lit, causing it to consume more energy than needed. Electric ignition, on the opposite hand, uses an electrical phenomenon that is turned on at the start of a heating cycle and doesn't must run continuously.

Thus electric ignition saves more fuel but it'd also cross your budget constraints. except for the initial cost of shopping for an electrical ignition stove, the repairs and part replacements can result in a recurring cost.


The size of a gas range you would like to shop for depends exclusively on the scale of your household. in an exceeding clan of three or 4, a stove with 2 burner tops works efficiently and is lighter on the pocket moreover. Moreover, if you would like to optimise your kitchen space the gas stoves with built-in cooktops can serve your purpose. They not only release space but also give your kitchen a modernised look.

However, unlike these built-in stoves, the freestanding gas stoves which are more portable are often cheaper and are commonly utilized by most people.

Material & Heat controls-

Most of the regular gas stoves are manufactured from chrome steel to forestall rusting within the steamy environment of your kitchen. although the body of the stove heats up, the metal provides durability and isn't liable to damage. However, creativity knows no bounds.

You can find gas stoves made from glass or fibre within the market, which give your kitchen top a motivating air but also are more fragile and high maintenance. otherwise, you can choose a cloth that may moderate heating of the cooktop to forestall accidents by burning.

Another point of notice when buying a gas range is to create sure that it's multiple heat control to cook different foods at different temperatures.


When choosing a gas cooker the primary thing that involves the mind is the cost. Gas stoves, like other electronics, are long-term investments, people don’t use and throw them regularly. Therefore, it's recommended to perform radical research regarding the foremost durable brands that provide both affordable and safe gas stoves.

A more common name for Indian customers is Preethi, Butterfly, Vidiem & many that provide a good range of gas stoves catering to the wants of each style and budget. Nevertheless, you'll find numerous options with more cost-effective options without compromising together with your lifestyle.

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