It is an instant of joy after you bring home your choice of a sterilizer. It may well be for your rich weekly specialties like chana, rajma, biryani or mutton keema. or to organize special foods for your pet. There's an apt cooker for every single individual to meet every single need in the market.

Would you like to shop for a sensible & efficient cooker for cooking alone? Or would you like to shop for a sublime, vibrant, efficient and classy cooker to cook and serve within the same?

Aluminium, chrome steel or hard anodized, which cooker would you prefer?

You might want to possess an aluminium sterilizer, a stainless-steel one, a tough anodized one, a plastic microwave sterilizer... How would you approach selecting this?

Aluminium cookers

If you're searching for lightweight, cost-effective & sturdy cookers for normal daily cooking chores. Go to Aluminium cookers which will be an excellent choice. Aluminium cookers are available in vibrant color finishes moreover.

Stainless steel cookers

Cookers with a fashionable finish, that are easy to take care of, durable & stay as good as new for a protracted time.  

Hard anodized cookers

If you're a large aluminium cooker fan, you must reach out for hard anodized cookers. They're evolved version of aluminium cookers. They're more sturdy and sturdy than their pure aluminium counterparts. Their design, color and elegance prompt you to cook and serve in them. they're easy to keep up being scratch, stick and stain-resistant.

Outer lid and inner lid pressure cookers, both are precious

Outer lid cookers work well for using separators and idli signify cooking. Outer lid cookers are useful for direct vessel cooking.

The inner lid cookers are good for direct vessel cooking

Clip-on Universal lid:

Any direction lid-locking with easy 3 finger operation. This common lid fits any cookware in its range making the cookware into an autoclave. And yes it is useful for both direct vessel and separator cooking! Now saute, fry, deep, fry, boil and pressure cook dead one vessel.

Pamper your needs with cookers ranging anywhere from 1.5 - 20 litres capacity

Large capacity would accommodate a luxurious meal for a stunning guest gathering.

7.5, 10, 12-litre capacity cookers would tend to a gathering ranging from 7 up to 11-12 people.

Medium capacity cookers like 5-7 litre ones would meet 3-7 people. they might serve you for your regular daily cooking purposes.

Preparing meals using separators & idli stands would entail an oversize capacity. 6.5 Litre is that the ideal size for becoming your daily cooking warhorse.

A small capacity would be satisfactory to arrange a little meal for  2-4 individuals. Say 2-4 litre ones would be great for this purpose.

Check out the underside of the cookers!

Cookers crafted with induction bases work with both on the gas and induction cooktop.

These crafted bases for superior heat distribution to cooking delicious food

The Anti-bulge bottom encompasses a triple layer base to keep the cooker for a longer time to come back. These are especially for gas cooking purposes.

A stainless-steel plate on the bottom of the cooker is ideal for induction & stove cooking.

Which shape of cooker would you get drawn to?

The shape of the cooker is another consideration to own. Which one suits your cooking habits & magnificence is completely your personal choice.

Apple-shaped: shocking premium autoclave for a recent kitchen with the best safety level.

Cute cooker: unique design with a good base makes stirring convenient to transfer food. 

Pressure pan: its shallow height and wide mouth are ideal for frying and pressure cooking.

Handi shaped cooker: handi shaped is right for aromatic rice preparations like biryanis.

Straight wall (regular) autoclave: smart cooking with the best level of safety.

Clip-on pressure cookware: Comes in 2 sizes 3 Litres and 5 litres and in 3 shapes - kadhai, straight wall or handi. They are available with a universal lid concept with its series into a sterilizer

To help yourself with the whole selection process visit James & Co Online. Currently, there are offers going on for Pressure Cookers & Kitchen appliances. Go grab yours at an offer price. 

It's time to buy the best cooker for yourself to support your efforts in your cooking. Click here to buy the best pressure cooker for yourself.


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