With sunshine at its peak, summers have finally arrived to bother you with extreme heat. Regardless of how cool your drink is or how good your fan works, when the temperature soars high, you've got to own something extra to chill off your body and stay afar from that repulsive perspiration. Seeing the alarming condition of world warming, it’s good to invest in an air cooler which can be way more economical and Eco-friendly than air conditioners.

Air coolers, today, are rather more efficient and smart than they were earlier. Moreover, you'll be able to find several for various cooling requirements. Whether you would like a private cooler, window cooler or desert cooler, the market has all of them. James & Co, known for electronics & home appliances offers a spread of air coolers to beat the warmth in the most stylish manner. Air coolers are aesthetically designed to appear smart and chic, without affecting your interiors.

Capacity & Performance:

All the air coolers throw air at a preset, usually standard, height. But there are times once you want airflow at an altitude. For this reason, you have  tower coolers that's designed in an exceedingly sleek and compact manner to throw air at a better point unlike other air coolers. There are different capacities with amazing performance.

Design & Functions:

Each air cooler is carefully designed, using the foremost advanced technology, to fulfill the aim of efficient cooling. Along with compact design, amazing combination, fully closing louvers, water level indicator, ice chamber, honeycomb cooling media, 3-speed settings, huge cistern capacity, dust filters and more, tower coolers also have multi-directional castors to maneuver within the direction you wish to with no hassle.

Control & Technology:

Air coolers have an easy control system that allows you to control the speed and direction of the air. Latest air-coolers are infused with Breathe Ezee Technology which ensures that the air you get is cool and clean. The smart air coolers are value for money, given to their price and performance. Their sleek and compact design makes them an ideal choice for tiny areas or perhaps corners where big coolers or other forms of air circulation systems don’t get slot in.

Cooling Pad & Blower:

Tower cooler looks super stylish, adding to the aesthetics of your space. Its powerful blower and aluminium motor ensure you get the best air for the longest possible duration. Its fully collapsible louvers don’t let the dust particles and bugs induce inside. Besides that, its huge tank capacity gives uninterrupted cool air for extended duration without refilling the tank time and again. Using honeycomb cooling pads, the air cooler offers perfectly cool air to assuage your senses.

Tips for Maintenance:

If you want to own exceptionally cooler air, you could put ice cubes in its integrated ice chamber. With hardly any electricity consumption as compared to air-conditioners, air-coolers are definitely economical when it involves savings on energy. There are tower coolers with inverter compatibility which suggests you'll enjoy the cool air even when there's no power. It's absolutely safe to use, due to its feature of thermal overload protection.

James & Co air coolers offer amazingly cool, clean and breathable air, covering the simplest possible area, to keep you and your loved ones comfy. If you too want to feature a sleek and classy air cooling system therein corner or that tiny space, the tower cooler would serve your purpose. It’s durable, portable, efficient, Eco-friendly and classy. So, what are you waiting for? Select the best air cooler from James & Co online shopping that suffices your requirements and set go buy!

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Animesh Tripathi

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