This Vacuum cleaner buying guide will ensure you buy the right vacuum cleaner that will meet your needs and requirements, as there are multiple options and a bit difficult to choose the appropriate vacuum cleaner. Here are the 7 questions you must ask yourselves before buying a vacuum cleaner for your home in India. Consequently, make sure you are clear about vacuum cleaner options and identify the one that will suit your purpose before you invest your money in any of them. 

  • Choosing the proper size

The canister vacuums (one with wheels) comes in medium to large sizes. These models generally have great suction performance and may be perfect for cleaning floors, stairs and under furniture. The hose and also the nose of the canister vacuums are usually thick, making it difficult to scrub narrow spaces.

The smaller handheld vacuums are lighter and simple to hold around. They're easy to achieve narrow areas with the assistance of attachments. they need an honest performance to scrub light dust but don’t expect to use them to scrub the floors.

While most handheld vacuums are wired, there are some battery models that employ on battery. they're good for tiny spaces or perhaps cleaning your car interiors, but their suction power is relatively lower.

  • Choosing the correct power and capacity

Vacuum cleaners are equipped with motors that are essential to their functioning. reckoning on the sort of cleaning you are doing, these motors and their performances may vary from one model to a different. A deep cleaning vacuum generally has the next capacity motor which ranges between 1300 to 1800 watts. They consume more energy and maybe noisier than smaller alternatives.

The capacity of a home-use home appliance can anywhere start from 2 litres which may go all the up to 10 litres. Hand-held vacuums have smaller capacities because of their compact sizes, while the capacity on canister ones is higher. The models with dual (wet and dry) cleaning support and have separate compartments to store water waste.

  • Choosing a model with the correct attachments

The use of a home appliance will be tedious if not in addition to the correct attachments. It’s always an honest idea to test the attachments that come pre-bundled with the vacuum.

A canister household appliance usually comes with a crevice brush, an upholstery brush with additional floor and carpet brushes. Some models also are bundled with a multipurpose brush which may be helpful. A handheld home appliance also comes with a bunch of accessories which has differing kinds of nozzles and extension pipes for better reach.

When we utter extended reach, it's equally important that to own longer length wires. The wire length ranges anywhere between 5 meters to eight meters betting on the kind of vacuum cleaners you wish to decide on. you'll be able to also go for extended wires if needed.

  • Choosing a model with the features you wish

If you have got different floor surfaces in your home, carpets of various thickness, then you must seek for a home appliance with variable suction types which may be easily pushed over these surfaces. the simplest models generally have an adjustable dial that helps you to set the specified suction pressure. Cheaper models may depend on vents that may be opened or closed either on the ground head or suction tube.

The position of the controls also matters a lot. Pricier ones have the foremost controls on the handle while budget ones have them on the machine’s body. There are plenty of variations within the style of filters vacuum cleaners use. a number of them are often washed while a number of them must get replaced periodically. These filters prevent fine dust particles and allergens from escaping back to the environment while cleaning.

  • Consider reliability and lifetime of the merchandise

Of course, like every other product, we also desire a home appliance that lasts ages. There are a bunch of brands and their list of offerings may be endless. You'll also be able to explore more options by heading to our online site - or visiting our store directly. Ask our experts and they will have a bunch of fine recommendations for you with offers and facilitate you to buy the simplest one.

  • Bag vs Bagless

You will find many asking if they must go for a machine with or without a bag. While the performance remains identical, both models have their advantages and downsides. With a bag, the dust gets collected in a very pouch which might be easily discarded or cleaned. But, like HEPA filters, these bags too will be periodically replaced, which can raise the cost. there's no such added cost in bagless models, but you'll be extremely careful when emptying the dust into a bin.

  • Noise Levels

  1. Some vacuum cleaners with powerful suction motors can get uncomfortably loud. make sure to induce a demo before buying so there's no shock once you unpack the machine and use it for the primary time reception.

We hope this 7 step guide simplifies many of the jargons and terminologies around vacuum cleaners and helps you make an informed choice.

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