How does one keep your house cool? If you’re like the majority, you turn on the AC and perhaps open a window or two. But there’s a different way to herald the breeze. Ceiling fans are ideal for keeping things comfortable without running up your utility bill. Here are the top 5 benefits of using ceiling fans in your home.

  1. Distribute air throughout your home & Enjoy a gentle breeze

Want to stay the nice and cosy or cool air flowing throughout your home? Ceiling fans help evenly distribute air flowing from your AC unit. During the summer, run your fans counter-clockwise and so switch to clockwise for the winter.

Improve the temperature of your home with a ceiling fan. Running a lover on an everyday basis will keep your home comfortable and airy.

  1. Lower utility bills & Quieter operation (especially compared to air conditioners)

Tired of cranking that AC up all summer long? Ceiling fans are more efficient than HVAC units. Running your fan can reduce your home’s temperature by the maximum amount of 8 degrees. That adds up to big savings on your monthly utility bill!

Quieter Ceiling fans are not any longer the noisy appliances of years past. While you will be able to hear the ceiling fan stepping into the subsequent room decades ago, today they’re much quieter. Today’s fans are so quiet you won’t even know they’re running until you are feeling the cool breeze.

  1. Contemporary styling & Better for the environment

No have to accept clunky, oversized fans. You’ll find lots of options on the market today, including brushed nickel, walnut, and soft white. (Just to call a few!)

With a ceiling fan, you'll be able to reduce your reliance on your HVAC system. Research indicates they'll reduce energy usage by 40% within the summer and 10% within the winter. That’s an explicit win for the environment!

  1. Small footprint in your home & Perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces

One of the great things about ceiling fans is that they don’t take up way sort of a tower fan or heater. the likelihood is that you aren’t as worried about using ceiling space.

Cool breezes shouldn’t be limited to merely the indoors. Ceiling fans are one in all the foremost effective ways to cool down your outdoor living spaces. They’re great for shooing the bugs away too!

  1. Year-Round Comfort & Easy to take care of

A ceiling fan isn't just a summertime convenience. Although a draft is extremely effective at making a space feel cooler, a fan’s design also enables it to circulate warm air during the winter. Just reverse the direction of the blades clockwise, and warm air from the ceiling is drawn right down to where your family needs it. Unlike when the blades turn counterclockwise, there won’t be a draft.

To clean your ceiling fan, all you would like is maybe a vacuum or a feather duster to brush the dust off the blades. If it's especially dusty, use a humid cloth to carefully wipe it down. there's no filter to scrub, and you don’t usually need a technician unless there's a serious problem to mend.

No one wants to house a stuffy, uncomfortable elbow room. Ceilings fans herald the breeze to interior and exterior spaces efficiently. You’ll love how comfortable they keep your home, irrespective of the season. At James & Co online electronics store, you’ll find a variety of the latest ceiling fans that match your home’s aesthetic and make the airy, breezy feel you’re trying to find.

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amit sharan

amit sharan

Indeed!! Ceiling fans are perfect for both indoors and outdoors.
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