A microwave is one of the essential kitchen appliances in India now. Because of the actual fact that it's quick when it involves reheating and defrosting food. Many have a microwave for cooking certain foods and baking. All in all, a microwave may be a super versatile kitchen staple for cooking food in less time. Yet, before you plough ahead & buy a microwave, you need to gain knowledge about it. There are different kinds of microwaves and the task they'll do, so on fit your need. Hence, we are here to tell you some tips you must consider before buying one so on justify your investment.

#1: Check for Limitless Cooking Potential

Well, cooking is the primary work of a microwave followed by reheating and defrosting. Hence, your microwave should keep the potential of cooking a range of dishes. Features like convection and grill weigh down the difficulty of cooking. A convection microwave is great when it involves baking and roasting. Such microwaves undergo a convection heat cycle with help of fans. Which moves hot air inside the microwave. The grill feature is great to relinquish your brown and crispy food with a press of a button. 

#2: Check the scale and Capacity

Like your refrigerator and washer, a microwave also has its own array of sizes and capacities. Other than consisting features that may allow you to organize food on the go. Your microwave should keep the capacity to cook food for the full family. Buy a microwave that will resonate with the dimensions of your family and kitchen. Also, test the usable space inside it. For instance, a microwave with two shelves is effective which can offer you the license to use the space.

#3: Check the Wattage

Next, take a note of the wattage of the microwave you're progressing to buy. a better wattage microwave cooks food faster and without leaving any part of it raw. In fact, most of the recipes will tell you to use a microwave of at least 800 watts because it ensures the food is perfect. Microwaves generally have wattages starting from 600–1200 watts. Hence invest in one with the most power to cook your food.

#4: Check for extra Features

Microwaves with extra features are an excellent option when you need to cook in a large amount. Certain microwaves with a built-in menu make it easier to pick the option for gamut food items. Like cooking time and power percentage. Hence, in case you need extra features like defrost & humidity sensors, make a wise choice.

Hope these tips were useful in selecting the model your home needs. If you have more questions, contact our online assistant. We will be more than happy to help you in giving our inputs for your happy cooking mode. Click here to explore the wide range of microwave ovens & buy it on offers. James & Co Online makes your buying a happy & satisfiable moment.


Radhika Laddha

Radhika Laddha

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