We always rely on a technician for even minor faults on our air conditioners. In this article we are going to discuss the most common AC problems after buying air conditioners, that we have been facing with their reasons. Isn’t it a tedious task to call up customer care, explain the issues, book a technician, following up & finally getting it fixed?? Indeed, a hot task during summer! You’d be surprised to read the solutions listed here for most of the issues.

Is there No Air flow when you have your AC running constantly?

This is the most common problem in hot weather.

Problem: By having AC running constantly its vital parts like thermostat, compressor, air filters, etc., are getting affected. This is the major issue anyone would face in a hot weather and there won’t be any air coming out of the AC.

Solution: The fan on the outside unit may not be running. It is a simple tripping issue that needs to be fixed. Or, you may have to simply replace the blower belt. Or, your condenser pump reservoir may be full, which needs to be emptied.

Don’t you have any Cooling Effect on the AC even after servicing it a month back?

This occurs to most of the households

Problem: Your AC is running but no cooling effect is one of common problems that any household faces.

Solution: Due to dirty air filters, or a blocked drain – these are the 2 major reasons for no cooling effect from AC. Clean the air filter & clear the condensate drain.

What could worsen your day than a Blowing Hot Air from your AC?

This is a serious problem that could spoil your mood for the entire day.

Problem: AC blows hot air – what could go more wrong?

Solution: Again, check the drain and clean air filter. Still if the issues persist, replace the air filter. Or check for electrical pump – you may have to replace it, there could be any leaks in it (It’s harmful and recommend a replacement asap)

Is Your AC Water Leaking?

It’s a nightmare, when water leaks suddenly & leaves a huge stain on the walls.

Problem: Water Leaking could be due to blocked drainage pipes and fault in condensate pumps.

Solution: Try removing the blocks from the drain pipe and check if the issue is resolved, if not if you see any damage on the compressor you need to call the technician right away. If you do regular maintenance checks, these defects won’t persist.

Why do AC Unit Turns ON & OFF Repeatedly?

It often gives a ghostly effect when the AC unit automatically goes ON & OFF.

Problem: It is due to a short cycle; AC is not allowed to get on full cooling cycle. It could be due to clogged air filters or serious power fluctuations.

Solution:  It needs a serious thermostat fix – which allows the AC to provide optimal cooling.

Is your Condenser Coil Freezing?

The irony of Coil getting freeze but you never get chillness inside the room

Problem: AC coil has ice around it, making the system work too hard to keep the room cool. Any AC in hot weather works harder, it's normal for the coil to freeze. Dirty air filters & condenser units are to be blamed.

Solution: If you have cleaning tools – check the blower fan, ducts & condenser for any hindrance and clear it off. If you find it rusted – you need an immediate replacement. By doing so, you could save a lot on your electricity bill.

A Tripping AC?

It usually comes with an annoying sound and wastes more electricity.

Problem: Whenever you turn ON the AC, the other fuse trips off which affect your daily activities. This goes back to the installation issue, if you have hired a cheapest technician this could occur.

Solution: Always have expert technicians to do the job. Do not think of saving a little amount and lose a bigger fare on the later issues like these.

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Strange Odor from Duct?

Not only affects the AC unit but also the entire room & rest of the furniture starts to stink.

Problem: It could be a burning smell from the vents or from the main AC unit due to wiring issues. If air filters are clogged, it can overheat the system which leads to burning smells. If any other smell, then it could be due to the drain pipe.

Solution: Turn OFF AC immediately. Replace the air filters & the drain pipe based on the smells & issue.

How could a thermostat be incorrect always?

You set it and what a smarty fault to automatically get into an incorrect mode!

Problem: You’ve set your thermostat for a certain level, but it’s never actually there, it could be due to an issue with the thermostat calibration.

Solution: Replace older style thermostat with a digital thermostat that is accurate and doesn’t lose calibration.

Sudden Weird Noises

Any weird noise disturbs not only us but also the neighbors get affected.

Problem: Any strange noise, vibration could be a danger alarm from your AC which needs immediate attention. These issues could be from motor bearings or poorly aligned belts.

Solution: Call the technician immediately to check belts and keep bearings lubricated & to protect the compressor motor. When buying split ac in India from James & Co, technicians will take care of your AC in regular maintenance checks.

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Immanuel john isaac

Immanuel john isaac

I brought new 1.5 ac on 14 April from your shop(blue star),and Mr. Vignesh had attend and gave me assistance . But after installation some noise is comming from the unit.we gave complain to Mr. Ruben the blue star technician, but no answer.

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